Water Damage

Water and Carpet Don’t Mix

There is nothing more unsettling than the feeling of a sopping wet carpet under your bare feet. When you step on a wet carpet you instinctively know that carpet and water do not mix.

Tucson being an oasis in the desert doesn’t see much rain throughout the year so flooding is not a main concern for many Tucsonans.

If you do experience water damage it is most likely from a broken pipe, the washing machine, a sink overflowing or even someone forgetting to close the window before a monsoon storm!!

Water can cause massive damage to your carpet and your property if you don’t act decisively. Water can loosen the adhesive on your carpet and ruin your carpet padding.

There is also the potential for mold and mildew to grow, which can cause health problems for the elderly and the young.
There are steps you can take to mitigate this problem.

What Should I Do When My Carpet Is Flooded?

Call Tucson Carpet Repair ASAP.
Find the source of the water and shut it off.
Remove furniture and valuables from the affected area.
Stay out of flooded area until you know it is safe.

Our staff is trained to deal with situations like this. Our team can extract the water from the affected area; completely dry it and use our power-stretching tool to make sure your carpet is re-installed tight and right. Are you impressed?

Make Tucson Carpet Repair your go to guys for when the going gets tough. We will always have your back. Our customers are our family.

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