Berber Carpet Repair

Durable and Delicate?


Berber carpet is well known for its toughness and durability. Berber is popular because it is low maintenance but when it gets damaged it literally falls apart.

Pets, moving heavy furniture and heels, can damage your Berber carpet.


Berber is a looped pile carpet that is woven from long yarn fibers. Once the carpet is snagged it becomes unraveled and exposes long rows of missing pile.

How Do We Fix It?

We use two techniques to fix Berber carpet. The first being what we call a surgical approach. Our expert technicians weave back in unraveled yarn and make it look like new. This approach is best suited for damage that is limited in scope.

Our second technique is called section removal. If the damage to your carpet is extensive or if the fibers can’t be woven back in, we can remove the damaged section.

We replace it with a permanent section sourced from an unused section of your carpet.

If your Berber carpet is patterned, we have the technical expertise to match the new section of patterned carpet to the remaining carpet thus make the repair virtually unnoticeable.

Our expert team is ready to fix your Berber carpet today! Our expertise and technical abilities are head and shoulders above our competitors.

We put our customers first and we are not happy until you are happy! Give us call today for more information about our Berber carpet repair! We look forward to earning your trust and your business..

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