Carpet Stretching

We Make Your Carpet As Smooth As Glass!

Does your carpet look like our beautiful Rincon Mountains with peaks and valleys? While this makes for great scenery here in Tucson, it doesn’t look so pretty in your living room.

Carpet rippling is a common issue that many of our clients talk to us about. The most common questions are, why is my carpet doing this and can you fix this? Yes we can!

Why Is My Carpet Rippling?

There are a number of reasons to why your carpet is rippling, but the main culprits are usually:
Reason #1
Poor Installation: The saying “good help is hard to find” applies here. Unfortunately there are carpet installers that look to cut corners and save time at your expense.

Many carpet installers today solely rely on knee kickers when they install carpet. To install a carpet correctly, a power stretcher is also needed.

What Is A Power Stretcher?

A power stretcher is a tool that we use to install your carpet properly. It allows us to tack the carpet into the tack strip, thus ensuring a carpet that stretched tight as a drum and smooth as glass.

Reason #2

High Heat: The blistering Arizona summer is hard on everything, cars, plants, animals, people and believe it or not carpets.

Did you know that high heat can cause your carpet to buckle and ripple? This happens when carpets are exposed to sustained temperatures above 85 degrees. When your carpet is exposed to this prolonged heat it “relaxes” your carpet, making it wrinkle and ripple. We recommend setting your thermostat to below 85 degrees if you are going to be gone from your home for an extended period of time.

Reason # 3

Worn-out carpet padding or Loose Tack-strips: Carpet padding gets old and worn out after years of dutiful service to your family.

Over time the padding becomes compressed and loses thickness. When your carpet’s padding is compromised rippling can occur.

Loose tack strips can also cause your carpet to ripple. We can easily take care of this by re-setting the tack strip and re-stretching your carpet.

As you can see there are many reasons for why your carpet can ripple but there is only one answer to fixing this problem. Tucson Carpet Repair! Give us a call and let our professional technicians fix your carpet today!.