Rug Repair

No Two Rugs Are The Same

When you purchase an Oriental or Persian rug, you treat it as one of your prized possessions. No two rugs are the same and are masterpieces in their own right.

Rugs come in different sizes and are manufactured in various ways. Some rugs are hand loomed and naturally dyed and some are made by a machine. It doesn’t matter how it was made we can fix it.

We do not provide on-site restorations because of the nature of the work. Each rug requires a different set of technical skills in order to complete the restoration. Tucson Carpet Repair is unique because most carpet repair businesses don’t offer this type of service.

We pick up your rug from your home and return it once it is repaired. It’s that easy. We use an abundance of caution when transporting your rug and handle your carpet with great care. We repair the following specialty rugs:

Synthetic Rugs