Pet Damage

Our Furry Family Members  

We all love our pets and will do anything for them. They become part of our families. They bring us happiness and joy but they can be rough on our carpets.

Dogs and cats especially love to claw and chew carpets, turning your once flawless carpet into a mangled mess!You don’t have to worry! We have a team of certified experts ready to tackle this problem.

What we do is we cut the damaged section of your carpet and we patch in a new piece from a section of your carpet that is seldom seen such as a closet.When we are done it looks like the rest of your carpet. It’s like it never even happened! If you don’t have extra carpet that we can use don’t worry about it. Our technicians keep a steady supply of common weight and thickness carpet pieces for pet damage repair. This is a cost-effective solution to your pet damage.

We can fix all pet damage quickly and efficiently. Let us restore your carpet to factory spec.

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