The homeowner came into town for just a few days to finish getting a rental property ready to put back on the market.  Just a few days from thanksgiving, she needed work done fast and done well!  The damage:  Dog chewed one of the staircase steps, a hole in the upstairs hallway, and by a door threshold, in addition, someone spilled bleach right by the bathroom door. The challenge: no electricity to plug in a glue gun or seaming iron, both needed to do a professional carpet repair.

Through a Google search she found Tucson Carpet Repair & Cleaning, and called us on Friday.  by Saturday morning we were out to do the repair. Though not the preferred method of carpet repair, we carry self adhesive seam tape for just these sort of situations. This tape is less forgiving and harder to manage than professional tape, but with patience and care we were able to provide her with highly professional results, and within her very tight timeline.  The next day we were out to clean the carpets, and she was back home by Monday.

By the time she left, her house was back in the market, ready for new tenants.

Thank You Tracye for contacting us and putting your trust in Tucson Carpet Repair & Cleaning.

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